Hello, I am Olamide and I would like to welcome you to The Jet Lawyer.  It is my earnest desire that true to the caption, it is going to be a brand new experience. I didn’t just say that for the rhetoric. What is available on this site is something unique. The reason for this is that this site provides academic notes for law students among other things.

How did I come up with this idea? Early in my university days, I had a smartphone on which I normally typed notes for classes in order to prevent me carrying paper to and fro. I did this taking into cognizance the fact that we are now in the jet age and thus, we have to move along with the times. Also, I discovered that the notes were easier to keep for longer periods in digital format unlike books that could get lost.

Subsequently, I got the idea from a friend that its best to put the notes online where anyone who needs them can get access to them. Thus, this dream of mine was born and I created this site for that purpose.

It should however be noted that this site is not just for notes. Occasionally there would be articles about events happening around and the legal perspective would be highlighted. Thus, this site is not only for law students but for anybody who wants to get know about the legal implications of events taking place locally and to know his/her rights.

This means that everyone is welcome!!

I hope that this would be a brand new enjoyable experience for us all.