How I was able to Easily Memorise Legal Authorities for Bar Finals

memorise authorities for bar finals

As of the beginning of third term, I had never drafted a full charge sheet, either in class or during my personal reading.

I simply didn’t grasp the concept very well and it all just seemed confusing.

Nonetheless, by exam time, I was fully up to speed and I’m quite certain that my criminal law result is likely to be one of my highest. Read More…

Duties of a trustee

The duty to act as a trustee is considered a very important one. It carries great responsibly and should not be taken lightly, primarily because the court does not take it lightly. So misconduct on the part of the trustee can attract severe sanction from the court, criminal and civil. Perhaps, the reason for this is the root of trusts, particularly the untrustworthy nature of several early trustees. Read More…