The National Health Insurance Scheme: Its Benefits to the Health Care Delivery System in Nigeria and the Nagging Challenges


The healthcare delivery system in Nigeria like every other developing country is bedeviled with several issues and it has been proven that a National Health Insurance Scheme is capable of promoting and remodeling the condition of healthcare service in a country. This work aims to discuss the legal framework for the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Nigeria considering its all-important functions and the near indispensability to the goal of achieving very affordable and proactive healthcare delivery system in Nigeria. The most important among the benefits of the scheme and all its offshoots is the provision of a readily available as well as a cost-effective access to good and very affordable healthcare services. This work shall conclude by providing suggestions by way of recommendations on how the NHIS can improve the healthcare delivery system in Nigeria which among others, is a need for a proper legal and regulatory framework that fit into the realities of Nigeria, bearing in mind the challenges which majorly is the lack of an adequate legal and regulatory framework which the Scheme currently faces in the country. This work employed a doctrinal research methodology as it engaged primary and secondary sources of law concerning the National Insurance Scheme in Nigeria and also acknowledging the views of writers, authors, assertions and contributions of various scholars which are relevant to the subject matter.

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