The Contemptible State of the Health Sector in Nigeria: the Efficacy of the National Health Act 2014 in Addressing Issues in the Health Sector


It can be stated without much ado that the state and condition of the health sector in Nigeria is one which truly leaves more to be desired. What even continues to resonate in light of this fact is the minimal efforts channeled towards the reversal of this, a situation which ought to be one of maximum concern. The paper strongly avers that the situation in the health care sector in Nigeria is one which is nothing short of contemptible, despicable and appalling. Law, in light of its functions in modern day society, remains a kinetic force which pulls everything within its radar along the line of progression and this paper posits that once again this role of law is to be played in this pertinent sector of life. To relegate the issue of health care to the background is to invariably threaten the existence of life itself, therefore such an issue must be given priority amidst other concerns that plague our human existence. This paper aims to bring to fore the problems being faced by the health sector and go further to examine the adequacy of the National Health Act 2014 in changing the current situation by analyzing the provisions of this Act. The paper recommends the full implementation and enforcement of the National Health Act in an attempt to improve the state of health care in Nigeria.

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