Distinction Between Criminal and Civil Wrongs

To better understand criminal law, it would be best if the distinction between criminal and civil cases are highlighted. This would be done in the subsequent paragraphs.

Crimes are regarded as committed against the state (as the custodian of the people’s liberty) and the person who suffers the criminal action (although as a secondary party). Thus, generally, it is the state that prosecutes crime through the Read More…

The Basic Principles or Concepts of Criminal Law

The fundamental characteristics of a crime is that it is an act that has been considered injurious and sufficient to warrant punishment by the society. In administering criminal justice, there are certain basic underlying principles that have to be followed. These principles are put in place in order to curb arbitrariness in the criminal justice system and to protect the criminal from being denied common benefits of natural justice.

The following are some of the important basic principles of criminal law: Read More…


The Nigerian society is made up of a collection of different people that are diverse in a lot of respects. In the course of the daily interactions between these peoples, some people intentionally or inadvertently step on the toes of some others. In order for peace and order to be maintained in the society, redress has to be put in place to check the excesses of the defaulting party(s).

It is on this premise that criminal law has to be put in place by the government in order to regulate the actions of Read More…

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