Everything you need to Know about the Theories of Law

Although a definition of law has been given previously, it is at best an ad-hoc definition. It can be said that there are as numerous definitions of law as there are lawyers. This section deals with the understanding of law according to the perspectives of different people.

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The meaning of law itself is of little importance to a practising lawyer. What is relevant to him is the particular law that can be applied in a specific situation. However, to a fresh law student, the meaning of law is essential. This is due to the fact that it would help give him an idea of what it is he is studying. Read More…


WEEK 1: Introduction To Sources Of Law : Primary Sources

                   MEANING OF SOURCES OF LAW

   Sources of law can be defined as the places to which a legal practitioner or a judge turn to in order to answer a legal problem. They are spring boards from which law emanates. They are divided into primary and secondary sources.

              PRIMARY SOURCES

Primary sources of law are those sources whose provisions are binding on all courts throughout their jurisdictions. They include: Read More…

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