The Prospects of New Entrants in the 21st-Century Legal Practice in Nigeria


Law practice initially was reserved for the elite who could sometimes easily dispense with the legal fees of their clients. Times have changed; the same is not so in the 21st century. The legal profession is now an all-comers affair with a countless common man struggling to gain entry into the hallowed halls of the profession to earn a living. Presently, some people argue that there are too many lawyers already in Nigeria and so the profession is no longer lucrative while others say we do not have enough lawyers; we need more. This paper seeks to examine whether the legal profession in Nigeria has already been saturated and if not, what prospects have the vocation for new entrants. In conducting this research, the author has carried out a jurisprudential analysis with the help of statutory enactments and case laws. The paper finds that the Nigerian legal market is still big enough to accommodate the upcoming young lawyers who can embrace less developed areas of laws such as telecom laws, cybercrime law, ADR, intellectual property, ICT and online legal market etc. The paper concludes that the 21st-century lawyers and law students in Nigeria have bright or better future than ever before as their strength lies in their knowledge of the ICT as a practice tool which places them above older lawyers in the global market. Read More…

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