An Evaluation of the Incongruities of Local Government Provisions in 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria: a Counterintuitive Approach to Democratic Governance in Nigeria


The constituent of governance regardless of the operative system is the people. Every responsible government must seek to ensure the security welfare of the people across various economic and social classes and this is the primary purpose of the government. Considering that it will be impossible to reach out to every citizen effectively the establishment of a government within various locals was a laudable achievement. Nevertheless, it has been yoked with several constitutional claw-backs which make its functionality, growth and continuity a frustrating process for the local government thereby making it a stooge of state government. This paper examines the various constitutional claw-backs, the functions of the local government and how they have been executed. This paper adopts the doctrinal research methodology. In conclusion the writer makes recommendations on areas of amendment in the constitution to enhance the effectiveness of the constitution.

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