Reducing Crimes and the Recidivism Rate: a Comparative Study of the Nigerian, Norweigian and United States Prison Systems.


It is commonly said that you do not know the value of a thing until you lose it. It is easy to ignore life behind bars when you have your freedom on the outside. Incarceration or imprisonment is a punishment imposed by law for the commission of an offence. Generally, an incarcerated individual still has his rights though some may be restricted such as the right to freedom of movement, as is the case with imprisoned fellows. He is not sentenced to imprisonment to die due to congestion, transmittable diseases, poor quality food or any of the myriad of deplorable conditions plaguing all Nigerian prisons. This study seeks to prove how a more conducive correctional facility would reduce crime and recidivism rates in Nigeria by drawing a comparison between the prison systems in Nigeria and that of US and Norway which boasts of the best prison facilities across the globe.

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